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    The best practice of psychiatry integrates aspects of the psychological with the biological. I’m a psychiatrist that helps individuals with emotional problems by attending to both brain and mind. Therapy is about working together to get the best possible results. As a medical doctor, I have the capacity to prescribe useful medications. I emphasize individual psychotherapy in my practice to assure we get the best results not just in the short term, but throughout a life time. Merely using medications to resolve emotional and mental issues is routinely just not effective.

     Of course, everyone wants to feel better now. Yet, rushing to judgment with a diagnosis and medication can be ill advised. I want to get to know the person that is seeking my help—not just a checklist of symptoms. It’s my job to be supportive, but also when the time is right, to be inquisitive and challenging. If you want to get help in my practice of psychiatry, you want more than superficial help. I endeavor to be thorough in my evaluation and treatment. And overtime, not just get you unstuck, but rather on your way to a higher function than before your immediate problems arose. Yes, this can happen.

     My practice is limited not so much by the symptoms an individual has, but rather by the approach the patient wishes to use to resolve their symptoms. That said, I frequently see people for anxiety, panic, obsessive-compulsive and depressive symptoms. But I also see people that are not sick as much as sick of the way their life is going.

     My psychiatry practice is confidential. It is a two-party practice: You and Me. I see patients for a traditional hour of psychotherapy and medical management. If you wish, I can provide a statement that you can submit to your insurance company. I do not accept Medicaid or Medicare, or managed care assignments.